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Research Guides

CRI3146 - Inequality and Criminal Justice

Recommended Resources

  • Enter your keywords in the search box
  • Under Articles on the Results page you can limit to Scholarly Only and under Books choose Online only (print books from the library are unavailable at this time)
  • NOTE: while UT libraries remain closed, UT students and faculty have access to  ebooks through the HathiTrust Digital Library
  • You can also access the Advanced search from the library homepage (under Article search) or the Articles hitlist screen (below the search box)
  • The Advanced search function is limited and only allows a maximum of 128 characters in your search statement


  • Includes Criminal Justice Abstracts as part of its suite of databases
  • You can search EBSCO in its entirety or select from the list of databases on the inaugural screen.
  • Once you’ve reached the search screen, access the complete set of databases by selecting Choose Database (located at the top of the screen)
  • Unlike SummonEBSCO does not limit the number of characters in your search statement
  • Bonus FeatureCriminal Justice Abstracts links to References (Cited References), as well as records which cite a particular article (Times Cited in this Database). This may lead to additional relevant sources



  • Simple keyword search
  • No scholarly/peer reviewed filter in Google Scholar
  • Use Ulrich's Web to determine if a journal is scholarly:
    • Enter the journal title in the search box
    • The results screen will display a striped referee's jersey beside the title to indicate it is refereed/peer reviewed
  • Links to Related articles and records which cite a particular article (Cited by)


Essay Topics

  • Break your topic down into its individual concepts
  • List synonyms and alternative keywords for each concept (if applicable)
  • For additional search terms check out the keywords and subject terms appearing in particularly relevant citations



  • For EBSCOProquest and JSTOR in particular, use the search form to construct a Boolean search, using OR to connect synonyms and AND to connect concepts


  • NOTE: the asterisk is a truncation symbol which searches multiple word endings, e.g., colonize, colonizer, colonization, etc.
  • For Summon and Google Scholar select a term from each concept to perform a simple search, e.g., colonialism criminology

    • Remember that Google Scholar only allows basic keyword searching and Summon’s Advanced Search is limited

  • Use the filters provided by each resource to fine-tune your results.  The scholarly/peer-reviewed/academic, subject, and date filters may be particularly useful


Topic #1: Colonialism, Criminology and Criminal Justice – an overview and review of the literature

  • Concepts (with suggested synonyms and alternative keywords):
    • colonialism or colonize or imperialism or settler
    • criminology or criminal justice or police or policing or prison* or imprison or jail or inmate or incarcerat* or courts or sentencing


Topic #2: The Experience of Racism within Prisons - a review of the scholarly literature 

  • Concepts/synonyms:
    • racism
    • experience or perception or understanding or observation
    • prison or jail or penitentiary 
  • Other options:  Proximity search:
    • EBSCO: racism n10 (prison or jail or penitentiary) finds terms within 10 words of each other (the "n" stands for "near") (EBSCO Help Screen)
    • Proquest: n/10 finds terms within 10 words of each other (Proquest Help Screen)
    • JSTOR: use the Boolean drop down menu (NEAR) to find terms within 5, 10, or 25 words of each other. This only works for single word combinations, e.g., racism NEAR 5 prison (JSTOR Help Screen)


Topic #3: Documenting the Black Inmate Experience - what we know from the work of the Office of the Correctional Investigator

  • Concepts/synonyms:
    • black or african canadian or african american
    • inmate or prisoner

Topic #4: Race and Experience with Parole in Canada and Elsewhere - a review of the literature

  • Concepts/synonyms:
    • race or racism or racial
    • parole or temporary absence or statutory release or conditional release
    • canada (if you wish to limit results to Canada; otherwise, you could omit canada from your search statement and see if the subject filter includes canada in your results)


Topic #5: Black Experience with Parole in Canada - an examination of parole outcomes documented by the Parole Board of Canada

  • Concepts/synonyms:
    • black or african
    • parole or temporary absence or statutory release or conditional release
    • canada (you can also omit canada from your search statement and see if the subject filter includes canada in your results


Topic #6: The War on Drugs (Cannabis) in Historical and Contemporary Context

  • Concepts/synonyms:
    • "war on drugs" - enter this as a phrase using quotation marks, or use the following proximity operators:
    • cannabis or marijuana

Writing and Citing

Writing and Research

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Avoiding Plagiarism

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