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CRI210 - Criminal Justice


  • A mega, omnidisciplinary database that covers a majority of the UT Library's resources
  • Searches the UT Library catalogue (books) and journal databases (articles) from a single search box
  • Relevance ranking algorithm displays most relevant hits at the top
  • Does not cover all databases - most significantly, does not include Criminal Justice Abstracts
  • Access Summon from the main UT library home page

Criminology and Criminal Justice Databases

    • The premier academic criminology database
    • Any thorough search of the literature should include Criminal Justice Abstracts

Related Subject Databases

Criminology is a multidisciplinary field.  Your essay topics also include sociological, and in some cases, legal elements, so you should also be aware of the databases from these subject areas.



 Visit the main Criminology Research Guide for a more complete list of journal databases and additional sources