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CRI210 - Criminal Justice


  • A mega, omnidisciplinary database that covers a majority of the UT Library's resources
  • Searches the UT Library catalogue (books) and journal databases (articles) from a single search box
  • Relevance ranking algorithm displays most relevant hits at the top
  • Does not cover all databases - most significantly, does not include Criminal Justice Abstracts
  • Access Summon from the main UT library home page

Criminology and Criminal Justice Databases

  • Criminal Justice Abstracts
    • The premier academic criminology database
    • Any thorough search of the literature should include Criminal Justice Abstracts 

Related Subject Databases

Criminology is a multidisciplinary field.  Your essay topics also include sociological, and in some cases, legal elements, so you should also be aware of the databases from these subject areas.



  • WestlawNext Canada
    • From this page you can access Index to Canadian Legal Literature (ICLL) under Finding Tools

 Visit the main Criminology Research Guide for a more complete list of journal databases and additional sources