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Contemporary Challenges Facing Today's Organizations

This subject guide is meant to assist students, particularly those enrolled in IRE1730 and IRE447, with research papers and assignments.

Welcome to IRE 1730 and IRE 447 - Contemporary Challenges Facing Today's Organizations

This course is designed to further your preparation for contributing in the organizational world by simulating your participation in tackling problems. Building on the theory and insights you have gained into organizational behaviour and industrial relations, you will look at some real-world challenges that organizations face in the early part of the 21st century. You will learn to see organizations as living systems, and as systems within systems. The challenges arise because none of these systems is perfectly aligned, and the people who are within these systems have views that may diverge widely.  Yet there are values to be upheld and goals to be realized. The course asks (and helps you answer) how you, as one member of an organization, would meet these challenges?