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Research Guides

CIV220: Urban Engineering Ecology

Why Do I Need Library Resources?!?

  • Library resources and other academic resources will help you provide evidence for your argument
  • Some online sources, such as Wikipedia and web sites, are a great place to start looking for background information, but you don't want to stop there
  • Examples of good evidence are resources like scholarly journal articles, and academic books - many of which you can find using the library's web site

Not all the resources you need will be available online or in the library, so make sure before you use a resource for you project, you evaluate it to determine whether or not it is appropriate to use.

If you need help finding evidence for your write-up, ask me!

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The Information Search Cycle

















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Research Tips and Tricks

Need facts and background information?  Look in websites, textbooks, dictionaries or handbooks (see the 'books/handbooks' tab for more info)

Need more specific information?  Try article databases (see the 'journal articles' tab for more info)

Need help citing?  Try the 'APA Citation guide' tab.