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Oxford Bibliographies

Oxford bibliographies is a great spot to start your research.    You can find a good background written from an academic perspective  on a particular topic you're addressing in your assignment  (e.g. political ecology.)

Choose Databases

No database has everything!  Besides "LibrarySearch", explore more options available under "Databases"

Citation Mining

Use articles you've already found to locate more articles on your topic.   This strategy is called "citation mining."  For example, try looking up the following article in Web of Science or Google Scholar.    How many more similar articles can you find?

  • Wilson, K. (2015). Towards a radical re‐appropriation: Gender, development and neoliberal feminism. Development and Change46(4), 803-832.

IDS Theses

Senior theses from recent years are searchable from T-Space.  Look for examples of academic writing in your field?   This can be a great resource to explore.


Zotero is a great tool to help you with you cite sources in your assignment.   You can also use it to collect research over the years and create a small library of sources which may be invaluable to you in your later undergraduate career or in graduate school.

Research Help

Got research questions?   Librarians are available to assist you by email, chat, appointment or at the front desk in the Library.