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MMPA 2022-12M Integrated Case Competition

A guide to company and industry research for MMPA 2022-12M students participating in the Integrated Case Competition


FactSet's Weighted Average Cost of Capital template provides an overview of a company's WACC. The template will return WACC models and capital structures for a company's peer group. 

The WACC template uses a default set of comps. To change the list of companies, you will need to edit the =FDS codes that generate the data; contact FactSet Support for assistance in doing this.

1. There are two kinds of template inputs. Most of these are identified by the default 'Disable' mode and are in blue.  Please review the Instructions worksheet for more information.  Once enabled,  'Enable Mode Calculations' worksheet is used to change the input, using 1 and 0 to select/unselect options.
2. The other kind of input is marked in blue and have pull-down menus.  These are the cost of debt and the risk free rate.

FactSet's WACC Template