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MMPA 2022-12M Integrated Case Competition

A guide to company and industry research for MMPA 2022-12M students participating in the Integrated Case Competition


Bloomberg offers a number of ways to download or export data, text or images.  Unfortunately, not all are available in all screens.  Try the following:

  • Use the Export options under the red 'Actions' menu; sometimes 'Export' is listed as a separate option
  • Select Export menu in the upper right-hand menu to see the options available for screenshots
  • Right-click on the image, table or text and see what options may be available
  • Type GRAB <GO> to email a screenshot to yourself

You can also try this method for copying and pasting data into Excel:

  1. Place your cursor at the corner of the data table of interest.
  2. Click and drag to select the data you would like to copy.  Bloomberg will copy text/data automatically without Ctrl + C.
  3. In Excel, press Ctrl + V to paste the data.
  4. If needed, click on 'Data' menu along the top of the Excel screen and select 'Text to Columns' and then select Fixed width - general.'



Bloomberg logo

Bloomberg offers:

  • close-to-real-time and historical public company, industry, market and economic data;
  • charting and portfolio management applications;
  • real-time news from hundreds of sources, including Bloomberg's own newswire service, and
  • industry intelligence and market research licensed from hundreds of third-party suppliers.

Bloomberg has been licensed by the FLC and requires a login and specialized software. Bloomberg is normally only available in the FLC on our three terminals. While the FLC is closed, we are providing remote access.

To access Bloomberg remotely, please follow the detailed instructions in the Remote Access to Bloomberg: User Guide

Key steps include:

  • Create a BMC ‘Learner’ account, using your U of T email address, at the Bloomberg for Education portal
  • Use your BMC account to log into the Bloomberg for Education portal and click on the 'Terminal Access' tab to request a Terminal account. Terminal accounts are separate from BMC accounts
  • Ignore the message about contacting faculty. Terminal accounts are approved by campus finance lab staff within 1 business day of being requested
  • Register to use the Bloomberg Reservations Calendar by using this form. Your registration will be approved by the Rotman Finance Research & Trading Lab who maintain the calendar
  • Reserve a time-slot on the Bloomberg Reservations Calendar
  • Install the Citrix Workspace client software that is required to access Bloomberg remotely in advance of your session
  • Log into Bloomberg Anywhere. After verifying your account, select the desired option to launch -- just the Terminal or the Terminal in combination with the Excel plug-in
  • Click on the ‘Launch’ button and a file called ‘bba.ica’ will download – click on this file to launch Bloomberg (multiple screens will open)


Type the company's name or ticker symbol in the top search box (look for the blinking blue cursor) to locate your company.  Bloomberg will auto-suggest matches as you type.  Almost all companies will be listed under 'Securities'. 

Use the menu to drill down to various kinds of information about a company.  These may include:

  • DE: Descriptive company information
    • Click on the 'More...' at the end of the brief description to link to the full Hoover's profile
  • CN: News about the company
    • Use the yellow search-box to search for stories referencing a specific keyword
    • Use the filters above the headlines - 'Sources', 'All Dates', 'Language', 'Time' - to filter your search results
  • FA: Statement and ratio data, together with specialized ESG (environmental, social and governance) data
  • BRC:  Investment research reports that can be downloaded as PDFs
  • BICO: in-depth company profiles available from Bloomberg's Business Intelligence analysts
    • Only large companies are covered by BI

To find mergers & acquisitions involving a company

  • Type MA in the top search bar
  • Enter the company name in the yellow search box; all transactions involving the company will appear
    • To remove join ventures, buy-backs or spin-offs from the deal list, un-select the 'Other' box.
    • To remove private equity or venture capital investments from the deal list, un-select the 'Investments' box.
    • To limit results to deals involving a company solely as an acquirer or as a target, select the red 'Edit Search' button and select the criteria listed under 'Selected Search Criteria' to make the appropriate changes.  Additional filters for date, deal status, deal size, premium, deal multiple, can also be applied here.