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Research Guides

Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Islands Studies


Welcome to the Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Island Studies research guide! Here you will find a selection of the major reference & research resources available at the University of Toronto.


Regional Indexes

Subject specific databases

To search for more subject specific databases, click on the link that says 'Subjects A-Z' on the library homepage & select a database related to your topic. For example:

General databases

East Asian Databases

Search Tips

Use Boolean operators like AND, OR, & NOT:

  • AND searches for items that contain both the words entered e.g. Polynesia AND religion
  • OR searches for related terms & synonyms simultaneously e.g. Polynesia OR Samoa OR Fiji OR Tonga OR Hawaii 
  • NOT excludes one of the terms from the search results e.g. Polynesia NOT Micronesia

Use quotation marks (" ") to search words together e.g. "French Polynesia"

Use truncation on root words to search for all variants of a word e.g. Tahiti* will include Tahitians, Tahiti's & Tahiti in the same search


How to search the library catalogue

Start at the library homepage

  • Select 'Advanced Search'
  • Select the 'Catalogue' tab
  • If you know the title of the work you are looking for, enter it. If you do not, develop keywords related to your topic. 

To narrow your search results, use some of the filter options on the left hand side of the search results page:

  • Scroll down to 'Subjects'
  • Click on 'View more' to view full list of subject headings
  • Select keywords from the list that are closely related to your research question



Literature criticism databases & indexes

Literature guides


Online Texts

Australian collections

New Zealand collections

Pacific Islands collections

Country & Government Information

Country profiles & overview information

These resources provide brief background information on current social, political, & economic conditions. Some resources also provide brief histories of countries & territories.

Data & statistics

Foreign government websites

Intergovernmental organizations



The following list is a selection of the encyclopedias available at University of Toronto Libraries:

Historical dictionaries

Historical dictionaries define important terms, ideas as well as provide chronologies & contextual information about important persons, places & events.


Australian Indigenous languages

For books about indigenous Australian languages, try a subject search in the library catalogue using some of the following keywords:

For books in Australian languages, select the advanced search option on the library homepage. After entering your search, select the language filter on the left hand side of the result page. Select "Australian languages" from the options.


For books about the Māori language, try a subject search in the library catalogue using some of the following keywords:

*Note: Omit accents & other diacritical marks when searching the catalogue

Free online resource:

More Pacific Island languages

News & Media


Federated States of Micronesia


French Polynesia


Marshall Islands

New Zealand



Solomon Islands