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BIOC39: Immunology

Lay Abstracts

What is a lay abstract?

A brief summary of a research paper written in clear, plain language aimed at people with no prior knowledge or expertise on the subject.

Assignment requirements:

  • Provide a lay abstract title
  • Word limit: 400 (includes title)
  • Easy for a high school student to understand
  • Simplify scientific concepts without using scientific jargon


Graphical Abstracts

What is a graphical abstract?

A single-panel image which quickly and concisely provides a visual summary of the key message/main takeaways of an article.

Assignment requirements:

  • Include a research article reference and journal name
  • Provide a lay abstract title
  • List group members as authors 
  • Capture the take home message of the paper in TWO sentences (In Brief/Spotlight section)
  • Provided 3-4 points that highlight the research article
  • Visually summarize the take-home message of the paper in a one-figure panel

See your assignment instructions for the graphical abstract template.