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VPHB64 - Baroque Visions - Fall 2020

A guide that will help you find all of the research resources to complete all related assignments for Baroque Visions

Google Scholar: Find More Articles

You can use Google Scholar and any articles you've already found to locate more resources.  Use the article you already have on your topic and try the following 3 strategies to expand your search.

Setting Scholar Preferences

Setting Scholar Preferences to work with the University of Toronto means that you will have free access to more articles.

Follow these steps:

Related Articles

Type the title of the article you already have and select Search.  Click Related Articles to find more articles on the same topic.

Cited by

Click Cited by to find articles that cited (quoted) your original article.  These articles may be on the same topic because they cited your original article.


Check the References (also called 'Works Cited' or 'Bibliography') of any articles you've found to find more articles on your topic.  Search for these articles using Google Scholar.