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HLTD08: Implementation Science in Global Health

Fall 2020 (HLTD04) & Winter 2021 (HLTD08) - Professor Ezezika

What is a Database?

A library database is a searchable, electronic collection of scholarly resources. Databases provide access to a wealth of useful research materials from academic journals. They may also include other materials like newspapers, magazines, e-books, relevant Web resources, or multimedia. Some databases include content from a specific subject area, while others have content from across disciplines. 

Recommended Databases for Implementation Science

Database Tutorials: OVID Medline

Watch this short video to get an introduction to OVID Medline's search interface. 

Watch this short video to learn how to incorporate subject headings into your Medline searches. It covers how to use the "map term to subject heading" feature to look up appropriate subject headings for your main concepts, how to look up definitions for search terms, and how to view subject headings in a tree (hierarchical) structure to select broader or narrower terms.

Watch this short video to learn how to incorporate keywords (also known as textwords) into your Medline search. The video covers how to tell the database which fields to search in and how to capture variant endings using truncation.

Finally, watch this short video to learn how you can combine the lines in your Medline search using Boolean operators (AND and OR). 

Additional Video Tutorials