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VIC 223 Signs, Meanings, and Culture

This guide is intended to support VIC 223.

Search Tips

Sometimes the word semiotics is used and sometimes it is not. In this article it appears only once. 

Alternate terms to search include: 

  • symbol or symbolism

  • representation

  • meaning

  • association 

Sometimes searching for the history of the topic can uncover new approaches:

In PROQUEST, you can search: Umbrella and History

Results include:

Zhou, R. (2016, Sep 27). Delving into the history of fans and umbrellas. The Daily Telegraph Retrieved from‚Äč

In EBSCO, you can search: Umbrellas and symbol

Results include non-scholarly articles which can be helpful to confirm or inspire ideas:

Martin, Andrew. “Class Conscious.” New Statesman, vol. 128, no. 4462, Nov. 1999, p. 12. EBSCOhost,

PLUS: You may want to combine one of these approaches with one that focuses on “media and semiotics”


Additional Search Tips:

Sample Topic: film and semiotics

  • use synonyms and variant endings of keywords

--film or motion pictures

  • use truncation or wildcard symbols

--semiotic* and film*

  • use DEscriptors or Subjects