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Economics Resources at the UTM Library

A subject guide listing library resources for students enrolled in courses offered by the Department of Economics at UTM.


  • When in doubt, cite it!
  • Make sure you use quotation marks for exact, word-for-word quotations from a source.
  • Capture all the reference information you might need need from each source while you are conducting your research, rather than waiting until your paper has been written.
  • Be consistent.  No matter what citation style you use, ensure you include the same information in the same order for each citation and reference you make. 

Which Style Should I Use?

Economics is considered a social science, and the most popular citation style used in the social sciences is the American Psychological Association or APA style.  Use APA to cite sources in economics, unless your professor asks you to use another style.

Below are some resources to help you:

  • find resources to help you cite properly, and
  • avoid plagiarism

Check out this guide to learn more about good citation practices.


Use these citation guides to find examples or models you can use help create correct citations for all kinds of sources - books, articles, websites, videos, social media and more. 

These guides all focus on the databases and resources typically used by business students.

Don't see your preferred citation style included here?  Email the FLC at for citation help.