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Research, Writing, and Citation Support

This guide was created to support the research process of students associated with the Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources.

Legal Citations

Citation of legal sources are handled somewhat differently than general sources. The following citation guide provides a direction on references legal sources.

Parts of a Legal Citation

The following describes the parts of an example arbitration case citation:

visual example of a legal citation.


What the parts mean in the example citation:

Prestressed Systems Inc. and L.I.U.N.A., Local 625, (2005), 137 L.A.C. (4th) 193 (Lynk)

Prestressed Systems Inc. and L.I.U.N.A., Local 625 is the case name

(2005) is the year of the decision

137 L.A.C. (4th) is the title and volume number of the report Labour Arbitration Cases and (4th) is the fourth series of the L.A.C.

193 is the page number

(Lynk) is the last name of the arbitrator

Examples of Labour Arbitration Case Citations

Navistar Canada Inc. and C.A.W., Local 504, (2010) O.L.A.A. No. 227 (QL) (Newman)

Prestressed Systems Inc. and L.I.U.N.A., Local 625, (2005), 137 L.A.C. (4th) 193 (Lynk)

Shoppers Drug Mart Inc. No. 297 and U.F.C.W., Local 1815, (2004), B.C.C.A.A.A. No 242 (QL) (Steeves)

Wasaya Airways LP and A.L.P.A. (Wyndels) (2010), 195 L.A.C. (4th) 1 (Marcotte)