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MDSC40H3 - Chinese Media and Politics

A guide to assist in the searching for sources and completion of assignments in the Fall iteration "Chinese Media and Politics."

MDSC40H3 - Chinese Media and Politics

This course examines the complex and dynamic interplay of media and politics in contemporary China and the role of the government in this process. We will focus on the reform era (1978-present) of the People’s Republic of China, but also pay attention to the global interconnectedness of media systems. We will examine changes in technology—from analogue to digital; broadcast to broadband; television monitors to mobile screens—to uncover the complex and interdependent nature of Chinese media today. Different perspectives such as those of the state, the market, and society will inform our analysis of emerging media practices, consumptions, and censorship. Special attention will be paid to media controls after Xi Jinping came to power in 2012. 


Research media and rationale                                                         10% 

Annotated bibliography and draft of project plan for group project  15%

Final Presentation Draft                                                                    20%

Final Group Presentation                                                                  25%

Group Member Peer Evaluations                                                     10% 

Participation                                                                                      20% 

Handout for Library Session