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COPB10/12/14: Advancing Your Career Exploration

Summer 2021

Learn Excel Online

Use these Excel tutorials to master your skills by watching videos and practicing along with spreadsheets that you can download. Click on the video and in the description you'll see a link to the website where you can download the practice spreadsheets.


These videos and thousands more were created by Mike Girvin. They are available from the "Excel is Fun" YouTube Channel, from Highline College.

Data Visualization

Data visualization is an iterative process that can be broken down into five steps:

1. Identify your audience and purpose
2. Select, prepare, and explore your data
3. Select the appropriate visualization based on audience, purpose, and data
4. Select the detailed visual elements within the visualization; consider the data/variables to display, what text to include, and how you will lay out the elements, etc.
5. Share and receive feedback

This guide and following resources have been adapted from Kelly Schultz's Data Visualization Guide, available from the Map and Data Library.

Data Visualization Tips

Visualization Design Principles

Other Selected Tutorials and Resources