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GGR318H5: Political Geography

GGR318 Research Proposal and Essay

Students are expected to select a research topic and compose a Research Proposal and Research Essay. This Course LibGuide is designed to help you get the most out of the Library resources.

  • Research Proposal should include a draft introduction of your research essay (with a thesis and outline of key arguments) and an annotated bibliography. As outlined in the instructor's syllabus, the bibliography should include at least 10 sources and a 2-3 line explanation of why the source would be useful for your paper.
  • Research Essay will include the bibliography. As outlined in the instructor's syllabus, a variety of source material should be included such as course readings, other monographs, academic articles, newspaper and magazine articles. Reliable web-based sources (government sites, industry associations) are acceptable, but must be cited correctly using an acceptable citation style (ex. APA, MLA, etc)..