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SOCB30: Political Sociology

Fall 2017

Article Databases

Begin your search with the following recommended databases to look for articles from peer-reviewed and scholarly journals on your topic. 

No one database has everything. Search multiple databases from the list below to find adequate articles on your topic. To find more databases from the library click Subjects A-Z on the library website and choose the subject(s) most relevant to your topic

How To Search Article Databases

Example search: How is teenage pregnancy affected by economic status?

 1. AND: Use 'and' between different words to focus your search

  • Type teen AND pregnancy AND "economic status" to ensure your articles include all three terms.

2. OR: Use 'or' between synonyms to expand your search

  • Type teen OR adolescent to find articles which include either of these terms. If you only search for teen, you will miss an article that discusses adolescents.

3. Wildcard*: Use a wildcard * to expand your search

  • Type teen* to find teen, teens, teenager, or teenagers.

4. Limits: Use limits to focus your search

  • If you only want to find peer-reviewed articles, click peer-reviewed. Do you need more recent articles? Use the date limit.