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GGR415H5: Geographies of Indigenous Health

Electronic Books and Materials available in the UTL Catalogue

Searching Tips

Having trouble finding relevant material? Try using

  • a synonym for your keywords
  • different spellings
  • a broad to narrow approach to searching
  • a Truncation or wildcard symbol*
  • Boolean Logic (and, or, not)
  • "" around keywords or phrases

Keyword Searching in the UTL Catalogue

The following keywords would be most useful for locating materials in the UTL Catalogue related to Indigenous peoples:

  • Indigenous
  • Aboriginal
  • Native
  • First Nations
  • Inuit
  • Metis

Use quotation marks around a phrase for a better search

Example: "First Nations" and "Health care"

Try the truncation symbol * at the end of a root of a word to get variations of the word or spelling.

Example: Canad* = Canada, Canadian, Canadien


Looking for Case Studies?  Use "Case Study" as a phrase in a keyword search. Many will self identify in title or abstract if it is a case study document.


Looking for Biographies? Use the last name of the individual you are searching as a keyword or subject.

Using the LC Subject Headings

All materials in the University of Toronto Libraries Catalogue are assigned subject headings based on the Library of Congress (LC) system of classification.Some of the LC Subject terms are outdated.

Try these subject searches for material on Indigenous people and Health in Canada.

Indigenous peoples -- Medical care -- Canada

Indigenous peoples -- Health and hygiene -- Canada

Indians of North America -- Health and hygiene

Indians of North America -- Medical Care

Native peoples -- Health and hygiene -- Canada

Example of a Subject Heading in the UTL Catalogue

Look at the example catalog record below, and see the Subject heading links listed at the bottom of the image. Clicking on the Subject heading listing such as one highlighted in yellow will bring up all other books with the same "Indigenous peoples-Health and hygiene-Canada"