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Labour Relations Problems in Historical Perspective (IRE 1620)

This subject guide is meant to assist students, particularly those enrolled in IRE1620, with research papers and assignments.

Pay Equity - Books Available Though U of T Libraries

Pay Equity

    See the Tumblrwork&labour news&research for the latest on Pay Equity, or Gender Pay Gap

Pay Equity - Selected Resources

Gender Pay Gap Report 2017, TD Securities, April 2018.

Gender Wage Gap, The Conference Board of Canada, April 2017.

Schirle, T. (2015). The Gender Wage Gap in the Canadian Provinces, 1997–2014. Canadian Public Policy 41(4). 309-319.

Cornish, C., Borowy, J. (2015 Sept. 18). Equality, Fairness and Transparency in Ontario Workplaces: Submissions to the Changing Workplace Review. Equal Pay Coaltion.

The Global Gender Gap Report 2015, World Economic Forum

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Closing the Gender Wage Gap: a Background Paper, Ontario Ministry of Labour, October 2015.

Vincent, C. (2013). Why Do Women Earn Less Than Men? A Synthesis of Findings from Canadian Microdata. Canadian Research Centre Data Network.

Women's Earnings and Income, Catalyst

Calculating the Gap, Equal Pay Coalition

Morissette, R., Picot, G. and Lu, Y. (2013). The Evolution of Canadian Wages over the Last Three Decades. Statistics Canada
11F0019M No. 347

Ontario Pay Equity Commission. Gender Wage Gap

Ontario Pay Equity Commission. An Overview of Pay Equity in Various Canadian Jurisdictions.

Elliott, C. J. Ontario's equity laws: A complete guide to pay and employment equity. Aurora, Ont: Canada Law Book. Updated loose-leaf volumes.

Cornish, M. (2014). Growing Concern: Ontario's Gender Pay Gap. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

Cornish, M. (2013). 10 Ways to Close Ontario's Gender Pay Gap. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

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Fudge, J., & McDermott, P. (1991). Just wages: A feminist assessment of pay equity. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Women Executives/Leadership - Reports and Other Resources

Osler, September 8, 2016: "Diversity Disclosure Practices 2016: Women in Leadership Roles at TSX-listed Companies", by Andrew MacDougall , et. al (38 pages, PDF)

2020 Women on Boards, 2016: “Boardroom Diversity: When Women Lead” (7 pages, PDF)

Catalyst, June 7, 2016: "Gender Diversity on Boards in Canada: Recommendations for Accelerating Progress" Commissioned by the Government of Ontairo (40 pages, PDF)

Rosenzweig & Company, March 2016: 11th Annual Rosenzweig Report on Women at the Top Levels of Corporate Canada (27 pages, PDF)

Conyon, M.J. & He, Lerong (2016). Firm Performance and Boardroom Gender Diversity: A Quantile Regression Approach (33 pages, PDF). Available on SSRN.

Triana, M.C., Miller, T. & Trzebiatowski, T. (2016).  The Double-Edged Nature of Board Gender Diversity: Diversity, Firm Performance, and the Power of Women Directors as Predictors of Strategic Change. (56 pages, PDF) Available on SSRN.

McKinsey & Company, 2016: "Women in the Workplace 2016"

Randstad, 2015: "The W Factor: Women Shaping Business 2015 Study"

Conference Board of Canada, May 15, 2013: "Women in Leadership: Perceptions and Priorities for Change , report by Donna Burnett Vachon and Carrie Lavis (41 pages, PDF) 

Conference Board of Canada, 2013: "The Business Case for Women on Boards" (Commissioned by The Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers responsible for the Status of Women)

Deloitte, March 2013: "Women in the Boardroom: A Global Perspective" (36 pages, PDF)



Conference Board of Canada e-Library (UofT students can sign up for an account)

2020 Women on Boards


Women and Leadership - Selected Books in the CIRHR Library

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