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Bible Commentary Series

John Bowen: “Since I think it may be helpful for students to know what non-Biblical specialists (as well as the specialists) use: I like the Word commentaries on both OT and NT; and the Tyndale Commentaries on OT and NT are good basic texts. The IVP Bible Speaks Today series is less academic but written with preachers and teachers in mind. N.T.Wright’s The Bible for Everyone is similarly useful but more popular. And I find that Calvin’s commentaries often deal with the questions I go to a commentary with. . . And I confess I still use the little Kittel.” 

Resources on best commentaries include:

  • Old Testament: Childs (1977), Goldingay (RTSF, 1991), Stuart (1990), Longman (2003), and Tyler Williams (
  • New Testament: D. A. Carson, and a listing by the journal Parodeseies.

It is vital to remember classical commentaries (most timeless is probably Calvin) in addition to the modern ones listed below. 

Many of the classical commentators can now be accessed free online.