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APS112: Engineering Strategies & Practice 2017

What are Standards?

Standards are documents that describe the important features of a product, service or system. For example, CSA Standard Z26234-00 Ice Hockey Pucks specifies a hockey puck's material, size, mass, hardness at room temperature and test methods.

There are thousand of standards in use around the world. They cover everything from the simplest screw thread to the most complex information technology network.

By applying standards, organizations can help ensure that their products and services are consistent, compatible, interchangeable, safe and effective. Standards can be voluntary or mandated.

Finding standards at UofT

The Engineering and Computer Science Library collects online or hardcopy standards from many organizations, including CSA, CGSB, ANSI, ISO, ASTM, ASME, SAE, and IEEE.

Most hardcopy standards are shelved behind the Reference Desk.

You may find CSA Standards useful for many APS112 projects. Use the link above to search for online CSA Standards.

Consult our Standards and Codes Research Guide  for a complete listing of hardcopy and online standards and codes at UofT.

Does a standard on x,y,z exist?

If you need to figure out whether any organization has published a standard on a particular topic, use the standards search engine. It searches for standards from hundreds of organizations around the world. Once you have found a possible standard, ask at the Reference Desk to see whether UofT owns a copy.

Why use standards for this project?

Standards will help you with the technical aspects of your proposal.  They outline what is generally acceptable in the industry.