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APS112: Engineering Strategies & Practice 2017

Catalogue Search

How do I find a book on the shelves?

When you find a useful book, make note of the:

  • call number  
  • library   
  • location within that library  

In the example below, the call number is TA158.5 .I75 2009. The library where it is kept is Engineering & Computer Science Library. Within that library, it is kept in the 'stacks' section (up the spiral stairs).

Sometimes there is also an online version of the book. Many of our books are in online format and you can read them on or off campus. From off campus, you'll need your UTORID to log in...just click 'connect to resource' to begin.

Use this chart to find the location of books found within the Engineering and Computer Science Library as determined by the call number of the book:

Call Numbers from: are located at:
A to TA153 .R... up spiral stairs * south room * upper level
TA153 .R... to TD146 .R... up spiral stairs * south room
TD146 .V... to TJ759 .H... up spiral stairs * centre study area
TJ759 .I... to TL553.5 .M... up spiral stairs * north room
TL553.5 .M... to Z up spiral stairs * north room * upper level

Find Books

To find books on your topic, search the Library Catalogue.It includes print and online materials available at all U of T Libraries.

Things to remember:

  • books are usually on a general topic, and might cover many specific things - broaden your search to a more general topic to try and find information
    • for example - looking in the catalogue for books on designing bike lanes in Toronto.  There might not be a book that is specific to Toronto, but there might be books on designing bike-friendly roads, or chapters on a book on urban transportation.

  • Use synonyms, broader terms, narrower terms, acronyms, etc.
    • for example - Searching for "cycling" and "bicycle" will return different results
    • the catalogue looks for what you type in, so the words you use matter

Book already signed out?

If someone has already signed out the book you want, you can 'REQUEST" it, i.e., place a 'HOLD' on it.

Use the 'REQUEST' button at the top of the Detailed record for that book:

The person who currently has the book will get an email asking them to return the book. Plan ahead though - don't leave your library research till the last minute! The person who currently has the book does have the right to keep it for a minimum of two weeks even after it's been 'REQUESTED'.

If three or more people 'REQUEST' a book it will be placed on Short Term Loan. That means that it will be available for much shorter loan periods, e.g., one day loans versus two week loans. And therefore more people will have a chance to sign it out.