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HIS221H5: Gaming the System: Perceiving the Middle Ages in Video Games

Add New Blocks

When you add a new block, choose HTML or Item showcase. HIS221-Omeka S: Add new blocks

  • HTML: for any text
  • Item showcase: for any Items

There are some exceptions.

When metadata cannot be shown in a separate page, use Item with metadata.
With an aesthetic reason, this option may not be chosen.

When you created an Item with embedded code, choose Media Embed.

Create a Page with Text

1) When you include text, choose HTML under Add new block.


When you copy and paste text from a Microsoft Word file or any other platform, DO NOT paste it. Choose Paste and Match Style.
This is because a number of unnecessary code (for fonts and styles) will be copied and make the source page messy.

HIS221-Omeka S: Create a Page

2) Once you were able to paste only text, you can choose styles (e.g., font size, colour, etc).

HIS221-Omeka S: Create a Page

Enter Text for Class at the bottom of the block.

Create a Page with an Item

1) Choose Item Showcase to include an Item (e.g., images).

HIS221-Omeka S: Create a Page with an Item (Sound)

2) Once you click the title of the Item, include Caption, other than the title, if necessary. Then click Apply Changes.

HIS221-Omeka S: Item showcase

3) Click Save at the top right corner. Otherwise, what you added to the page won't be saved. Please keep the EYE icon invisible.

Media Embed

1) When you choose Media Embed under Add new block, choose the following option:

  • Thumbnail type: large
  • Alignment: center

HIS221-Omeka S: Use Media Embed

When you do, the embedded code will show properly like this:

HIS221-Omeka S: Media Embed

NOTE: If you chose Item showcase for the item with embedded code or other sound files, even if you had added a thumbnail while creating the item, it does not appear on the website for unknown reason.

HIS221-Omeka S: Item showcase vs. Media Embed