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HIS221H5: Gaming the System: Perceiving the Middle Ages in Video Games

A Few Examples

Sources of Music

NOTE: You may use YouTube to search music. However, there are many videos that have been posted illegally and whose copyright information is unclear. If you were an employee of a company/organization, you would need to obtain permission from the copyright owner when you use their work. While this practice is not publicly visible, it is important to think of copyright. 

As a UofT student, you have access to some video and audio platforms, such as Naxos Music Library. This is useful for this practice. 

Finding a proper URL might not be easy. Here is an example:

Naxos Music Library Flower of All Ships

Add Metadata to Values

1) Choose Items under RESOURCES (on the left). Do NOT click Media below Items.

2) Click Add new item (at the top right corner).

Omeka S: Add an Item


3) To add items other than videos, select 2021 HIS221: Gaming the System - Template for Items for your Resource template and choose Sound for the Class. Next, fill in each box to complete the metadata.

HIS221-Omeka S: Add an Item (sound)

Title ▼

I recommend using the Chicago Manual of Style's headline-style capitalization as the consistent styling of titles is important. However, titles like this could be difficult to know which one should be capitalized.

Date ▼

Choosing the date can be tricky. This CD was published in 1995 while the original choirbook(?) was from the 16th century. Including as much information as you can might be helpful.

HIS221-Omeka S: Add an Item (sound)

Creator ▼

We don't know where the original source was from. We do know, however, the conductor of the album. Do your best to include the information.

Language ▼

The music site might not offer detailed information. If it is from an album, you might be able to find additional information via WorldCat, the world's largest network of library content and services. The information below was from WorldCat.

HIS221-Omeka S: Add an Item (sound)

Subject ▼

You might not have heard of the term, "controlled vocabulary" or "subject heading". Their purpose is "to organize information and to provide terminology to catalog and retrieve information. While capturing the richness of variant terms, controlled vocabularies also promote consistency in preferred terms and the assignment of the same terms to similar content" (Getty).

The two subject headings above were from WorldCat.

Note: If you are unable to find the information to fill in the blank, please leave it. Do your best to complete each section.


1) To show or upload a file, click Media and choose either URL or Upload.

  • Upload: If you do NOT know the image address, choose this option.
  • URL: If you know the image address, choose this option.

Omeka S might not accept URLs with .asp. If so, add a music player, a YouTube video or playlist to an Omeka S page by embedding it. See an example below:

2) Find the embed option.

HIS221-Omeka S: Embed a player

3) Once you get <iframe> code, choose HTML from the list, Add media. Then click Source.

HIS221-Omeka S: Embed a player

4) You can simply paste the <iframe> code in the box and click OK. 

HIS221-Omeka S: Embed a player

Item Sets

Item sets are an aggregation of items and put together different items in a group. For this course, there is a two groups (item sets):

  1. 2021 HIS221: Gaming the System - Historical Collection
  2. 2021 HIS221: Gaming the System - Contemporary Collection

Think that there are two collections: the one consists of items/objects that were created before 1899 and the other consists of items/objects that were created after 1900.

Choosing the right item set is crucial because, if you don't choose the right one, it won't show on the website.

HIS221-Omeka S- Add an item

In this particular case, you could possibly choose both a. and b. because the original choirbook was from the 16th century. However, I chose b. because it could include modern interpretation.

HIS221-Omeka S Choose an item set


1) If you see titles that are not HIS 221 The Middle Ages and Video Games, click the delete icon(s).

HIS221-Omeka S: Add an item


Omeka S does not give you a thumbnail. So if you would like to create it, click Advanced and upload a small image.

HIS221-Omeka S: Add an item, thumbnail

The thumbnail acts as a visual cue, reminding you of the information.

HIS221-Omeka S: Sites >> Items

Note: Although adding thumbnails is helpful when you are creating and editing your webpage, your webpage does not show the images. Click the link below to see how it appears on the HIS221 The Middle Ages and Video Games website.

Don't forget clicking "Add"

Don't forget to click Add at the top right corner of the page.

HIS221-Omeka S: Add an item