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A guide for advanced research projects and supervised studies for psychology and neuroscience students.

Effective Web Searching

There is no control over the content that is published on the internet.

Before you conduct research, you should become familiar with strategies to effectively evaluate the information you find while searching the web.

Decoding Domains

Commonly recognized top-level domains:

  • .edu = educational site (usually a university or college)
  • .com = commercial business site
  • .gov = U.S. governmental/non-military site
  • .mil = U.S. military sites and agencies
  • .net = networks, internet service providers, organizations
  • .org = U.S. non-profit organizations and others

Examples of Internet country code top-level domains:

  • .ca = Canadian site
  • .uk = United Kingdom site


Google Search Strategies

Search Google

Before searching Google, take a look at the Google Search Strategies video in box above to learn some useful web search tips.

Search Engine for Science

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