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PSYA01 and PSYA02: Research & Writing Help

A guide describing how to find and use research and writing resources for your assignments.

Search for Books on Your Topic

Search the Library Catalogue for books on your topic.  

Example search:  I want to locate books on sleep and psychology for your assignment.

Look at the most up-to-date books

The catalogue will organize the results by revelance to your search terms.

Look for the most up-to-date information, select Sort from the upper in the upper right corner of the search resutls and click publication date's down arrow to ensure the newest books show up at the topic of the screen.

Limit to books at UTSC Library

Limit to books at UTSC Library

There are over 40 libraries at the University of Toronto.  Limit to UofT at Scarborough, if you only want to see material at UTSC Library. You might have to select "more..." and scroll down to find it. The total number of items available at a given location is displayed beside the library name. 


Refine your search limits for more accurate results

Look at left side of the screen.  You'll see a series of limiters that can help refine the results to better meet your research needs. For example, if I were looking for books on sleep and physiological psychology.  I would explore my results by subject heading assigned in the library catalogue (i.e., Mental Disorders or Sleep)  under SUBJECT, Medicine or Science under CALL NUMBER and books under FORMAT.


Get books off the shelf at UTSC Library

When you find a book that you like, check that it is IN and write down the CALL NUMBER to find it in the library.  (Note:  Stacks means shelves.)  We use call numbers to arrange books in the library.  Ask a library staff member to help you locate the book if needed. 

Order books from other U of T Libraries (ICD)

You can order books from other U of T libraries (Inter Campus Delivery). They will arrive at the front desk (circulation desk) in the UTSC Library in approximately 3 business days. 

For example, there is a copy  of this book at Gerstein Library on St. George Campus. If you want to order it:

1) Open up the Catalogue Options

2) Click REQUEST and enter your Library barcode number and PIN found on your TCard. Choose intercampus delivery, select Scarborough, and enter an email address that you check frequently (you'll get an email when the book arrives).