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HIS494H5: Advanced Topics in the History of the Americas

Use Bibliographies

Works Identified by Experts

Reference sources may contain citations to other publications or  primary sources.  Look under the Background Information tab. For example the Oxford Bibliographies Online series has annotated bibliographies complied by scholars in the field. Identify the useful titles, then search for them in the UTL catalogue.

Bibliographies in scholarly books often list additional sources consulted on a topic. Look at the list of references in your textbook and assigned course readings

Footnotes in books and journal articles refer to the sources used by the author to support the discussion in the publication. Search for them in the UTL catalogue.


Searching for Books

Maximize the resources held at the University by exploring the information in the full record for the item, just click on the title.

Remember to use the delivery service to bring materials to UTM.

Search by the Title of the book, using the "TITLE" field.

If you wish to search for a TOPIC, use the "Anywhere" field. The subject field uses 'official subject headings' and you may not be familiar with them.

How to Find a Known Journal Article