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Institute for Management & Innovation Resources at the UTM Library

A subject guide listing library resources for students enrolled in IMI graduate programs at UTM..

ESG Data in the FLC: Bloomberg

An FLC-only database.  Three Bloomberg terminals are located in front of the teaching podium and are clearly signed. 

Bloomberg allows users to screen companies using proprietary environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance data. 

Type EQS <GO> to open the equity screening function.  Once criteria such as exchanges or geography have been selected, type in 'ESG' to identify ESG-related criteria.  For ESG-focused analysis of an individual company, use FA ESGE <GO> or XLTP XESG <GO> (for an ESG report).  For corporate responsibility reporting, use CF <GO>.

To learn more about the ESG data available on Bloomberg, see the handout below.

To get started using Bloomberg and the ESG data available in Bloomberg, drop by the FLC for help from an FLC Student Assistant or make an appointment with an IMI Librarian at