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Institute for Management & Innovation Resources at the UTM Library

A subject guide listing library resources for students enrolled in IMI graduate programs at UTM..

Find Books Using the Catalogue

Catalogue How-To

Search the library catalogue to find:

  • print and electronic books
  • journals (but not the articles themselves), and
  • other materials, e.g. film and video

If you've never used the catalogue before or aren't finding relevant titles, watch this short video that explores how to find books about a given topic, starting with a keyword search.


Browse the Library's Shelves

If you identify a good book, take advantage of the Shelf Browse feature built into the catalogue; books with adjacent call numbers may also be relevant.


These call numbers are provided for those who may wish to browse the physical stacks.  As sustainable management is multidiscipinary in nature, the following list of call number ranges should not be considered exhaustive.

GE170 - GE190