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Critical Information Policy Studies

This overview to key topics & resources for the CIPS concentration in the Master of Information program at the iSchool, University of Toronto gives an introduction to this area, and may be helpful for those who are considering studies in this field.

CIPS courses at the iSchool

This list of some CIPS required and elective courses includes links to course descriptions.

  • INF1001H:  Knowledge and Information in Society
  • INF2124H:  Surveillance and Identity
  • INF2155H:  The Public Library in the Community: Developing a Critical Practice
  • INF2181H:  Information Policy, Regulation and Law
  • INF2221H:  Digital Divides and Information Professionals: Developing a Critical Practice
  • INF2240H:  Political Economy and Cultural Studies of Information
  • INF2241H:  Critical Making: Information Studies, Social Values and Physical Computing
  • INF2242H:  Studying Information and Knowledge Practices
  • INF2243H:  Critical Histories of Information and Communication Technologies
  • INF2305H:  Special Topics in Information Studies: Communication and Social Change
  • INF2320H:  Remix Culture
  • INF2331H:  The Future of the Book

For more complete information about the CIPS concentration, visit this iSchool webpage.

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