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Research Guides

Critical Information Policy Studies

This overview to key topics & resources for the CIPS concentration in the Master of Information program at the iSchool, University of Toronto gives an introduction to this area, and may be helpful for those who are considering studies in this field.

Current issues & news


For COVID-19 issues, please see this separate page.

  • Open access, open data, open government
  • Access to the Internet as a human right; the digital divide; net neutrality
  • Information, media, & digital literacies
  • Data protection
  • Whose big data?
  • Surveillance
  • Technology abuses
  • Identity & privacy rights
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cyberbullying
  • Intellectual property, copyright, fair dealing/fair use
  • Social media
  • Data activism
  • Telecommunications regulation
  • Ethics & values related to information
  • Future of the book

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Current controversies & CIPS in the news

Here is a sample of selected critical information policy issues in the news.

Online freedom of speech

Identity & privacy rights

Digital futures

Digital labour

Social media & social justice activism

Online misogyny

Technology abuses

Digital divide / Digital inclusion



Right to be forgotten




Edward Snowden & the NSA