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Classical Civilization Resources at the UTM Library

Little Library (Online Version) - Call Numbers

This page is an online version of the physical Little Library on the third floor of the UTM Library.

The titles in Classical Studies are organized based on call numbers: for example, D: History, N: Visual Arts, NA210–340: Ancient Architecture, and PA: Philology & Literature.

On the third floor of the UTM Library, you can find a Little Library for Classical Civilization. This shelf includes literature and introductory books about the cultures of the Greek and Roman worlds.

B: Philosophy (General) & BL: Religions and Mythology

Presocratic Philosophy

B187.5 .O82 2004


B317 .T39 2000


B485 .B35 2000


B528 .I596 2018

Classical Mythology

BL723 .M67 2007

D: History


D56.52 .H45 R63 2011

Ancient Greece

DF77 .C34 2009

Ancient Greece

DF77 .C34 2011

The Hellenistic Age

DF77 .T525 2018

The Age of Alexander

DF208 .P5513 1973

The Age of Alexander

DF208 .P5513 2011

The Trojan War

DF221 .T8 C54 2013

Alexander the Great

DF234 .B693 2014

The Byzantine World

DF521 .B9365 2010


DF552 .S27 2015

Unwritten Rome

DG63 .W57 2008

Tacitus: The Annals

DG207 .T3 W66 2004

The Etruscans

DG223 .S58 2014

The Roman Republic

DG231 .G89 2012

The Roman Empire

DG272 .K45 2006

Lives of the Caesars

DG277 .S7 L58 2000

Ancient Assyria

DS71 .R33 2015

Ancient Egypt

DT61 .S57 2004

JC: Political Theory, Theory of the State --- HT - Cities, Communities, Races

N: Visual Arts & NA210–340: Ancient Architecture

History of Greek Art

N5630 .S734 2015

The Pantheon

NA323 .P325 2015

PA: Philology & Literature


P301 .T67 2013

Classical Literature

PA3001 .A55 2014


PA3009 .B4 2000

Slaves Tell Tales

PA3009 .F67 2012

Classics: Why It Matters

PA3009 .M67 2018

Homer: The Iliad

PA4025 .A2 F5 1998

The Iliad

PA4025 .A2 L66 1997 ERIN

The Odyssey of Homer

PA4025 .A5 L28 1967

The Odyssey

PA4025 .A5 W56 2018


PA4037 .G6935 2019

Selected Letters of Cicero

PA6308 .E5 B35 1986

Juvenal and Persius

PA6447 .E5 B28 2004

Lucan: Civil War

PA6479 .E5 B73 1999

Ovid in English

PA6522 .A2 1998 ERIN

Ovid Metamorphoses

PA6522 .M2 M45 2008

The Satyricon

PA6558 .E5 W3 1999

Plautus: Four Comedies

PA6570 .A3 S4 1996 ERIN

The Aeneid of Virgil

PA6807.A5 M23 2007

Z40-104.5: Writing