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Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library - New Arrivals & Staff Picks

June 2017 Staff Picks - Cantonese Opera

In June and July, Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library is hosting two library events on Cantonese Opera, a traditional Chinese art form, involving music, singing, martial arts, acrobatics, and acting. Cantonese Opera is popular in GuangdongGuangxi, Hong Kong, Macau. Naturally, this month's Staff Picks focuses on the library’s rich collection on the topic of Cantonese Opera. 

If you are interested in finding more books on the topic, please take a look at the following links or contact the library.  

Opera, Cantonese.

Operas, Chinese--China--Guangdong Sheng.

Operas, Chinese--China--Hong Kong

Featured titles are now physically on display in the display cabinets at the Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library. Please feel free to ask the front desk to get any interested title for you.