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MIE542: Human Factors Integration

This guide will assist students in MIE542 with research for their assignments. It will be built up over the course.

Standards, Codes & Legislation (General)

University of Toronto Libraries has a detailed Standards and Codes Research Guide with search tips and direct links to different resources. 

To get tips on how search for standards and codes, take a look at: 

For laws and legislation, take a look at the website of the governing body for the area of interest.  For example, you might want to look at the Government of Ontario's e-Laws website; or the Justice Laws Web Site from the Government of Canada's Department of Justice - it contains current consolidated acts and regulations.    

A selection of standards and codes and current laws and legislation related to mechanical and industrial engineering are listed in the box below "Standards, Codes and Legislation (Mechanical & Industrial Engineering)", including the specific standards that your instructors included in Blackboard. 

Standard and Codes and Legislation (Mechanical & Industrial Engineering)

Examples from your Instructors

Just a few examples are provided below, as links to the U of T collection. You should scan them to get a feel for the type of standards & Codes that exist, content which you can expect to see, level of detail, and language.

  1. ISO 9241-303:2011:  Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Part 303: Requirements for electronic visual displays.  
  2. CSA standard N-290.12-2014: Human Factors in Design for Nuclear Power Plants 
  3. IEEE 1023-2004: IEEE Recommended Practice for the Application of Human Factors Engineering to Systems, Equipment, and Facilities of Nuclear Power Generating Stations and Other Nuclear Facilities
  4. CSA standard C22.1-15:  Canadian electrical code, part I (23rd edition), safety standard for electrical installations

Search for Standards Online

Find more information and links in Standards and Codes Research Guide

Search for Codes and Legislation Online

Searching for ASTM Standards