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Research Guides

MIE542: Human Factors Integration

This guide will assist students in MIE542 with research for their assignments. It will be built up over the course.

Standards & Codes

University of Toronto Libraries has a detailed Standards and Codes Research Guide with search tips and direct links to different resources. 

To get tips on how search for standards and codes, take a look at: 

Here are a few examples of relevant standards and codes for this course. It is recommended that you scan them to get a feel for the type of standards & Codes that exist, content which you can expect to see, level of detail, and language.

  1. ISO 9241-303:2011:  Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Part 303: Requirements for electronic visual displays.  
  2. CSA standard N-290.12-2014: Human Factors in Design for Nuclear Power Plants 
  3. IEEE 1023-2004: IEEE Recommended Practice for the Application of Human Factors Engineering to Systems, Equipment, and Facilities of Nuclear Power Generating Stations and Other Nuclear Facilities
  4. CSA standard C22.1-15:  Canadian electrical code, part I (23rd edition), safety standard for electrical installations

Regulations & Legislation

For laws and legislation, take a look at the website of the governing body for the area of interest.  For example, you might want to look at the Government of Ontario's e-Laws website or the Justice Laws Web Site from the Government of Canada's Department of Justice - it contains current consolidated acts and regulations.    

Here is a good site for finding policies, regulations and laws by department or agency -