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SOCC45: Youth and Society

Winter 2018

Searching the Catalogue

Search the catalogue for books.

Search using the keywords of your topic - combine keywords using AND, OR, NOT.

For example, here is a search for books about immigrants in the workplace in the library catalogue.  You can also click on advanced search for other search options like subject, author, etc.

When you get the results, click on Books and use the options along the left side to refine your search and get the most relevant results for your research. Don't forget to click "+More" to see all of the options.

When you find a book that you like, check that it is IN and write down the CALL NUMBER to find it in the library. Note: Stacks means shelves.

To request a book from another library, click on the title of the book, click on the "Options" button, then click "request" and follow the instructions.

Make sure that you order the book AT LEAST 3 business days (preferably a week) before you need it.

Find Sociology Books

The University of Toronto has an extensive collection of sociology books, reports, videos and other resources in its libraries' collections.

Search for your topic in the library catalogue, or try one of the following sociology subject headings to get you started: