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MIE315: Design for the Environment

This research guide is designed to help students complete the literature review component of their assignment.

Standards, Codes & Legislation (General)

University of Toronto Libraries has a detailed Standards and Codes Research Guide with search tips and direct links to different resources. 

To get tips on how search for standards and codes, take a look at: 

For laws and legislation, take a look at the website of the governing body for the area of interest.  For example, you might want to look at the Government of Ontario's e-Laws website; or the Justice Laws Web Site from the Government of Canada's Department of Justice - it contains current consolidated acts and regulations.    

A selection of standards and codes and current laws and legislation related to mechanical and industrial engineering are listed in the box below "Standards, Codes and Legislation (Mechanical & Industrial Engineering)". 

Standard and Codes and Legislation (Mechanical & Industrial Engineering)

Searching for ASTM Standards