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Why Cite?

Why Instructors Insist on Good Citations

Why Cite? explained by instructors

Credit: Heather Buchansky, UTL


IEEE Citations

References In-Text

Each reference is numbered -> ONE reference per number

“Example of quoted or referenced text” [1]

  • Where [1] = “Article A” by John Smith
  • All references to “Article A” = [1]

Reference List

  • Authors/Editors: Initials only for given names
  • List up to 3 or 6 authors -> if more than 6, use et al. after the first author's name

Use this handy IEEE Editorial Style Manual for information on how to cite different resources, ranging from books to online sources!

NOTE: References may not include all information, but make sure to obtain and include all relevant information that you can find.

Other Citation Styles

If you are looking to cite outside of IEEE citations, head over to the Writing & Citing in Engineering library guide for links on everything from APA, Chicago, AMA, and writing help!

Citation Management Tools

Citation managers are a very easy and useful tool for you to keep track of citations and create reference lists with the click of a button. A useful comparison chart, as well as a guide on how to use these tools, is found here!