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CCR199: The Fine Art of Murder - Reading Detective Fiction

This guide is intended for use by students in Prof. Luca Somigli's class.


In order to refine your topic, design your annotated bibliography, and write your essay proposal and paper, you can:

1) Consult scholarly Reference sources - online or in print (See "Mystery Fiction: Selected Sources" for a list of Reference sources to consult)

2) Find scholarly books by searching the UTL Library Catalogue

3) Use Journal Article Databases to find scholarly or peer-reviewed journal articles (See "Mystery Fiction: Selected Sources" for a list of relevant Databases to search)

4) Mine or analyze the Bibliography or Works Cited of a relevant chapter or journal article, for additional relevant resources


1) A great deal of scholarly informaiton is still not available freely over on the Web

  • UofT Libraries provide you with access to scholarly, subscription-based resources. You already pay for this access in your tuition fees. Don't pay for information again. Use the UofT Library system to obtain it

2) Peer-review is the epitome of scholarly information. Not all Scholarly information is peer-reviewed though.