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CCR199: The Fine Art of Murder - Reading Detective Fiction

This guide is intended for use by students in Prof. Luca Somigli's class.

Find Journal Articles

Searching MLA Bibliography

MLA BIBLIOGRAPHY is a powerful search and discovery tool. You can be very specific in your search strategies. 

Search:  SWK (father brown) and SAU (Chesterton)        

  • You are using specific types of subject to search:  (subject = author's work) and (subject = the author)

Specify: Peer Reviewed (not Scholarly - there is a difference)

Retrieves: 5 results


See Result #2: Gillespie, R. (1974). Detections: Borges and Father Brown. Novel: A Forum on Fiction, 7(3), 220-230.

  • Show: Subjects: very specific to literature in MLA
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See Result #5:  McEvoy, E. (2004). 'Really, though Secretly, a Papist': G. K. Chesterton's and J. Meade Falkner's Rewritings of the Gothic. Literature & Theology: An International Journal of Religion, Theory, and Culture, 18(1), 49-61.

  • “This article considers the rewriting of those Gothic conventions which are most symptomatic of Gothic anti-Catholicism in the works of Catholic-sympathising authors, J. Meade Falkner and G.K. Chesterton


Search more than 1 database

Searching Proquest Reserach Library:

PROQUEST RESEARCH LIBRARY is a very good interdisciplinary tool.

Search: poe and conan doyle

Read More Info “i” regarding: Peer Reviewed and Scholarly

Select Facets:

  • Language - english
  • Subjects – literary criticism
  • Peer Reviewed

Retrieve: 81 results:

See Result #3: Sevik, G. (2013). Enlightenment, Counter-enlightenment: Detection, reason, and genius in tales of Edgar Allan Poe and Arthur Conan Doyle. Clues, 31(2), 20-31.

  • Read: Abstract
  • Mine: the REFERENCE LIST for additional resources