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OISE's Ontario Historical Education Collections (OHEC)

Locating Documents in the OISE Library Historical Collection

To search for documents in the Ontario Historical Education Collection, use an advanced search of the library catalogue:

  1. Type your key terms into the search box. For example, topic terms may include keywords such as "high school" or "empire day." Searches for specific types of material may include keywords such as "calendar" or  "regulations."
  2. Select OISE from the Library drop-down menu.
  3. Press "Search" (the magnifying glass icon).
  4. In the results page on the left hand side, select "Ontario Historical Ed." from the Library Location list. This will limit your results to the items in OHEC.
  5. You can also limit to specific time periods under Publication Year or by using the arrows in the top right to sort by date.

Helpful hints:

  • Many titles are listed under a single catalogue record. To see the full list of document titles under each record, press "Click here to load MARC record" at the bottom of the record page. 
  • Use the term "courses of study" as an alternate to "curriculum" when searching for historical curriculum documents. 
  • Many educational documents are catalogued as serials and will appear in the results under "Journals and databases."
  • For serialized documents, see the "general note" field of the catalogue record for the years covered by our collection.
  • Grade levels are sometimes indicated in roman numerals (ie. grade XII).
  • The Ontario Ministry of Education was historically the "Department of Education," and later the "Ministry of Education and Training."