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EndNote Basic for RLG 299/399/499

A guide to support students in RLG 299/399/499 when the use of EndNote is required to support research projects.

Create a Bibliography (Stand-alone)

You can create a stand-alone bibliography (without writing a full essay) with your references ine EndNote web.

  1. Use the Format tab in Endnote Web, select Bibliography.
  2. Choose the references you wish to include, select the bibliography output style and file format. If you want to export the bibliography to Word, select the RTF file format.
  3. Select an option to save, email or print the bibliography.

Exporting References

Exporting References:

  1. From the Format tab, click the Export link.
  2. Select the references to export, such as the quick list or a personal group, from the References drop-down list box.
  3. Select the Export style from the Export Style drop-down list box.
  4. Click the Save, E-mail, or Preview & Print buttons.
  • A file using the Save option – a standard ‘File Download’ window will appear allowing you to open the file or save to disk. If saving to disk, a standard 'Save to' window will open so that you can browse to the folder location and name the file.
  • An e-mail using the Email option – an ‘e-mail’ window will appear allowing you to enter the e-mail addresses of those to receive the e-mail, a subject, and a message.
  • A printed list using the Preview & Print option – a ‘Preview & Print’ window will appear allowing you to print to a local or network printer.