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EndNote Basic for RLG 299/399/499

A guide to support students in RLG 299/399/499 when the use of EndNote is required to support research projects.

New References (Added by You)

Edit References

To edit a reference:

  1. Click on the reference's Title link from any list view
  2. Click on the field you wish to edit and make your changes
  3. To save your changes click or tab outside that field
  4. You can undo your changes by clicking on the Revert Reference button

Import References

Use this option when Direct Export is not available.

  1. From the Collect tab, click on the Import References
  2. For the File Field: click on Browse and scroll to the file saved as a .txt file from the database you are using
  3. For the Filter Field: select the database filter
  4. For the To Field: Select s group to to assign to imported references
  5. Click on Import