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POLA01: Revolutions

Instructor: Lucan Way

Newspaper Articles

Are you writing about a revolution that happened very recently, perhaps in the last 2 years?   

  • If yes, you may choose to use articles from high quality newspapers.

News Databases

Search Tips

afghanistan and taliban and "allied forces"

Search Tips

  • Keyword:   Choose the main ideas from your topic e.g. Taliban, Afghanistan, "allied forced"
  • Phrase Searching " ":   Type phrases in quotation marks e.g.  "allied forces"
  • AND:   Use AND to focus your search e.g. Taliban and Afghanistan and "allied forces"


  • Limiters:  Use limiters (below search, left side of your results) to focus your search e.g. Publication Date
  • Add a row:   Select this option to add more rows to your search as needed

Evaluate Sources

Remember to only select articles from high quality reputable news sources.     

  • Choose articles from well known & respected news sources such as The New York Times, Globe & Mail, The Toronto Star etc.
  • Avoid news sources with significant political bias
  • Evaluate all sources carefully.   If you're not sure if a source is appropriate, ask.