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HIS101: Histories of Violence


Finding Biographies

Use the following guide to identify national and international biographical databases and dictionaries.

Biography & Autobiography Research Guide

To find biographical dictionaries in the library catalogue, do a keyword search, as follows:

Enter the 'name of the country' and 'biography' and 'dictionary'

Example: india biography dictionary

To find biographical monographs in the library catalogue, enter the name of the person and the keyword 'biography.' To focus, once you are in the catalogue, choose biography under subjects on the side menu.

Example: louis riel biography

Finding Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

1) Access Subjects A to Z on the Library home page, and choose a subject, such as:

History General

History by Topic

2) Use the library catalogue.

Enter your topic followed by "encylopedias" or "historical dictionaries" as in the following examples: 

holocaust encyclopedias 
africa history encyclopedias 
peru historical dictionaries