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FRE/LINC47: Special Topics in Linguistics: Pidgin and Creole Languages

A guide to help students find resources for their final research paper

Google Scholar Settings

Google Scholar should not be your first resort, however, you can find useful articles using it as a tool. First you will need to ensure that Google Scholar is communicating with the UofT catalogue, otherwise it will likely ask you to pay for articles. Here is how you adjust the settings:

Google Scholar Settings

1. Go to google scholar.

2. Select settings in the upper right hand corner.

Google scholar settings

On the Library Links page, enter "university of toronto" in the search box. Check all relevant check boxes and click on save. You are now ready to search.

Searching Google Scholar

Enter the keywords of the topic that you would like to search. Use quotation marks around phrases if you would like the exact phrase to appear. 

Google Scholar Searching

Click on the title of the relevant article.

Searching Google Scholar

To find similar articles, select cited by, or related articles. The higher this number, the more important the article.