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FRE/LINC47: Special Topics in Linguistics: Pidgin and Creole Languages

A guide to help students find resources for their final research paper

Generating Keywords and Background Research

Before you can start your search, you will need to come up with a list of keywords that you can use. Usually, when doing research, you are trying to answer a research question. A good way to come up with some initial keywords is to look at the topics and perspectives that Prof. McCrindle has proposed.

Although you would never quote from Wikipedia, it is actually a good place to begin your research. It can also include links to useful resources that are considered academic.

You can also use dictionaries and encyclopedias in order to get background information. Here is a list of dictionaries and encyclopedias that are specific to the study of Linguistics:

To consult other encyclopedias, dictionaries and handbooks, please access this page: