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CIV1320 Indoor Air Quality

This guide will help you find articles and other technical literature related to indoor air quality.

What is peer review?

  • Peer review is the process by which colleagues critically appraise each other's work.
  • When the manuscript of an article is submitted to a peer-reviewed journal, independent experts are asked to read and comment on the manuscript. If approved by the reviewers, the manuscript is accepted for publication as an article in the journal.
  • The peer review process is applied to both primary articles (i.e. articles which present findings from original research) and to review articles that summarize primary research.
  • The purpose of peer review is to ensure a high level of scholarship and to improve the quality and readability of the manuscript.
  • Peer reviewed articles are also sometimes called "refereed" articles.​

For more information on the peer review process, please see the Peer Review Guide