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Research Guides

Essential Research Skills

This guide supports the Library's Essential Research Skills workshop series.

About the Essential Research Skills workshop series

There are four workshops in the series. Take the workshops individually or take all four for credit in the Co-Curricular Record (CCR). Each workshop will be offered several times over the year.

The workshops focus on the informational research that is an essential starting point for any research project. Learn how to:

  • do exploratory research to find out what is already known on a topic; 
  • develop successful research questions;
  • effectively search for quality resources;
  • critically evaluate and choose the best sources;
  • use information responsibly.

Set yourself up for academic success by learning essential research skills that can help you save time, get better grades, deepen your engagement with your subject, and boost your confidence. These are also skills that employers say they’re looking for.

Academic writing support

Writing Centres at the University of Toronto

English Language & Writing Support (School of Graduate Studies)

More sources on research & writing

The University of Toronto Libraries have many books on academic research and writing, including books focused on writing in specific disciplines. 

Suggested search terms:

  • Academic writing
  • [Discipline] Academic authorship
  • [Discipline] Research
  • Scholarly publishing


One-minute paper

Thank you for attending the class!

Please fill out the one-minute paper.

Reflective exercises

To receive credit in the Co-Curricular Record, you need to complete this reflective exercise (as well as all four workshops) and send it by email to   

1.       Identify one important concept, idea or skill that you learned while completing the Essential Research Skills workshops.

2.       Why do you believe that this concept, idea or skill is important?

3.       Apply what you have learned from these workshops to some aspect of your life.

4.       What question(s) has the workshops raised for you? What are you still wondering about? (You can’t say “nothing”!)

*Please include your student number